Transaction Banking

The requirements of efficient transaction processing can only be met by industrial automation using highly standardized processes. The European market for mon­e­tary transactions will increase in volume by double-digit percentage rates in the forthcoming years. At the same time products are becoming more diverse and complex because of numerous in­no­va­tions, regulatory requirements and standardisations (e.g. SEPA or Target II).

NOVOSEC offers consulting for the implementation of IT platforms for processing domestic and foreign mon­e­tary payments. Our consultants have in-depth know­ledge of the process chain from order inflow through clearing to investigation and handling of returns.

Customer-specific Banking Access

For mass payment transactions there are countless banking systems using various banking standards such as BCS, EBICS, FIN/TS etc. for transferring monetary payment files and verifying their signature.

We support you in selecting and customizing the sys­tem for the optimal fulfillment of your re­quire­ments.

Cards: Acquiring, Issuing, Processing, Network Operation

The number of card-based payment transactions is steadi­ly increasing and their processing is facing many challenges especially due to harmonization in Europe. Local card schemes (e.g. Girocard in Ger­ma­ny) are interconnected to other country-specific sys­tems via EAPS and offer their own processing of international transactions by means of co-branding (maestro, vPay).

NOVOSEC's service offerings comprise the complete range of services. Our experts have detailed know-how in all aspects of card-based monetary transactions from issuing and acquiring all the way to processing and in­te­gra­tion in the bank's backend systems. We sup­port you in setting up your PCI-compliant payment ser­vice provider platform and integrate security standards such as MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA.