Asset Management

Modern Asset management nowadays requires a wide range of products and services around the investment process. Customers expect besides the classical active fund management more and more highly customized solutions that require the leverage of innovative products.

Risk adjusted quant funds, life cycle funds, dynamic guaranteed funds as well as mere index tracking ETFs allow the implementation of more elaborated strategies in professional asset allocation. For institutional investors separately managed accounts offer an effective access to the global expertise of the asset manager.

Procedural Effects

Realizing these concepts requires leveraging derivatives and other structured securities. The optimal benefit will only unfold, when the overall procedures from front, middle and back-office support these new assets seamlessly. Building the solid base for the fund managment offers a timely approach for taking advantage of market opportunities quickly.

Service Offering

Comprehensive know-how of the basic procedures as well as the knowledge of their implemention has technically enabled NOVOSEC and has established the company as a well-sought Implementation partner in this area.

Numerous projects along the whole value chain testify to the quality and effectiveness of our solutions. NOVOSEC offers a wide spectrum of services from support of the sales team by provision of detailed funds information to the realization of regulatorital requirements (IFRS, Basel II, BaFin) and, ofcourse, additional support of operational departments, e.g, risk controlling or performance measurement through to end customers reporting.